App-DNA stops Windows migration from being a pane in the apps

A migration to Windows 7 can have unexpected complications, often arising from integration issues between web apps and IE8.

IMG_1313 - Paul Schnell.jpgA migration to Windows 7 can have unexpected complications, often arising from integration issues between web apps and IE8. But App-DNA can relieve the pain, claims Paul Schnell, App-DNA's chief technology officer.

You look at them sometimes and you just know they're going to be trouble, don't you?

That's how most of us feel about Internet Explorer 8. It grieves us just to type the name. Attempting to actually use IE8, we're sure, will be even more morale sapping.

We don't know about you, but we resent every minute that some techie has stolen from our lives, by making us come to terms with his needless nerdy changes.

Lord knows what it's like for the poor sap who has to make all his company's web applications work with it. It's no wonder that IT directors, network managers and CIOs will do anything rather than migrate to Windows 7.

Even a storage symposium. I bet that's why Cloud computing conferences are so popular. Nobody wants to go back to the office.

Well hooray for App-DNA, which has invented an Internet Explorer web application system that takes all the pain out of integration. It's all part of its AppTitude offering. The application now automates much of the testing and remediation work needed for smoothing out all the compatibility kinks in your software platform.

At least half of all IT managers have identified IE8 compatibility a major blockage in application rollouts. Analyst Steve Broadhead at Broadband Testing says blindly migrating, without sniffing out all the traps that IE8 will led you into, is a fatally expensive mistake. "AppTitude can save you wasting months on manual testing and reparations because it identifies problem areas and provides remedial actions."

Broadhead says the key features that make the difference are accurate reporting, capture of static and rendered content, automated, and integrated web capture tools.

"App-DNA automates IE8 and Windows 7 migration and will help you prepare for IE9," says Paul Schnell, App-DNA's CTO.

We'll hold you to that one Paul!



This was last published in January 2011

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