Already frazzled by tough IT market conditions? There's an app or two for that.

Smart phones are the ideal accessory for a drink fuelled night of maudlin lyrical reflection after a tough trading week. Or, if you're like my friend who worked in sales for Cisco, at the start of the week.

Sometimes, a song gets stuck in your head for a reason. I've been walking these streets so long.

You might hate it. It might be buttock clenchingly embarrassing and old fashioned.

Singing, the same old song. I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway.

But, like a dream, it's revealing, as there's a sentiment that resonates with your life as an IT service provider.

Where hustle's the name of the game, and nice guys get washed away in the wind and the rain.

Hang on. That song in your head. It's about you, isn't it?

Is the IT salesman really 'Like a rhinestone cowboy'? Lets hope not.

The good news is that Shazam has created a mobile app that unwittingly caters for people who are plagued by embarrassing but revealing songs. The type of song you'll end up singing when trollied. As, if my experience is typical, many people in the IT industry will be doing every day this week. And weekends too.

The company might not market itself as such, but Shazam is a leader in reseller dominated hotel bar singalong therapy enabling mobile technology.

It's Friday, you're in your favourite bar after a stressful sales week and single-handedly neutralizing the European wine and spirit surplus.

As your first bottle goes down, you use the Shazam app on your smart-phone to tell you music they're playing in the bar. As you move through bottle 2, you're in a group discussion and your Shazam Friends are all using holding their phones up to the speakers to identify the songs.

After your third bottle, you've all bought the songs from iTunes. You're now playing them back, reading the words displayed on your screen by Shazam's Lyric Play app.

Licensing hours being what they are, most of your after work booze ups are forced to continue elsewhere. (That's what happens when I go out drinking with Bite). So inevitably, come two am, a Ukrainian bouncer will throw you out onto some unfamiliar and possibly hostile streets.

There's an app to save you form this expensive nightmare too.

A smartphone app called Kabbee, is the UK's first minicab price comparison and booking system for your mobiles.

It compares minicab prices from 60 fleets across London and books the cheapest or the closest, depending what you ask for.

You can pay by cash, credit card or pre paid accounts. Part exchange on kebabs not accepted.

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