A response to the Budget from SAP

Today's Budget speech focused on reforming the nation's economy, ensuring jobs in the future and repairing Britain's finances.

by Mark Kenyon, Public Sector Director, SAP UK & Ireland

Today's Budget speech focused on reforming the nation's economy, ensuring jobs in the future and repairing Britain's finances. This underscores the importance of the UK government swiftly adapting to emerging business trends, supporting rapid innovation, and driving increased productivity.

Technology helps ensure civil servants are being more productive and taxpayers' money are going as far as they can. Below please find recommendations on how the UK public sector can ensure government spend is bringing return on investment in terms of better citizen services and employee productivity.

  • Ensure a real-time view of performance across all programs - We all know that success in social service delivery matters more than ever. But do we have a real-time view of our performance across all programs? Can we act on that view to direct critical resources, remove roadblocks, and improve our organizations? How can we ensure projects are completed on time and on budget?
  • Encourage civil servants to leverage technology they have to do their jobs better - The UK employs many civil servants who spend much of their time on the road, including the police force and social services workers. By increasing the use of their mobile devices, for instance, public sector employees could spend more time helping our citizens rather than spending hours in the office over labour intensive paperwork. Technology is a means to increase employee productivity and morale, ensuring taxpayers contribution is being put to good use.
  • Procure and contract for goods and services - Government organizations should procure and contract for goods and services through an efficient and compliant bidding process, which means reduced paperwork, improve regulatory and electronic communications compliance, increase the efficiency of the acquisition process, and reduce operating costs.
  • Remove institutionalized barriers - Manual processing and poorly integrated, often redundant IT solutions hamper operations. As a result, government departments cannot effectively coordinate departments or establish a culture of collaboration.
This was last published in March 2011

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