The Virgin Media saga, part two

Well, two days in and I'm starting to think this dog food might be out of date.

Well, it's been two days since my last post on the subject and I'm starting to think this dog food might be out of date.

Yesterday, 24 hours before Virgin Media was due to show up to install our Internet and TV service, my OH received a phone call from Virgin saying that their engineers had found a blockage in the duct, and they would be putting our installation date back to early September while they fix it.

Virgin says that they could install our service now, but they couldn't then guarantee our quality of service, which I suppose is fair enough.

But the most annoying thing about the whole situation is that we called them to set up our account a fortnight ago precisely so that we could avoid the tedious delays that BT Broadband customers always complain about.

Their engineers had two whole weeks to check out the cables on our street, and they found a problem the day before installation? What were they doing the rest of the time? Okay, I see that there is probably a lengthy queue, but better scheduling on Virgin's part could surely nix this problem?

Two weeks away from Internet is a real annoyance when you're moving house and need to set up and manage other services and I wish comms providers would take this into account.

Two weeks away from cable, on the other hand will doubtless do my TV-addled soul some good.

And I can't fault Virgin Media for one thing; a lightning quick response to my grumble on Twitter yesterday.

Their team's expert awareness of social media management is top notch, and there are many industry firms that would do well to learn from them. It's exactly what I would hope to see from such a company.

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