More but from less the security customer mantra

There used to be a much quoted saying in the security world about no single company being able to provide complete protection.

There used to be an much quoted saying in the security world about no single company being able to provide complete protection.

Talk of 'no silver bullets' and the lack of a 'one stop shop' encourage a fragmented market to develop that proved to be fertile ground for start-ups coming from every direction. Things were also helped by the continuing number of threats that meant the market never stood still and so those quick on their feet could take advantage.

But the tide seems to be turning slightly. As costs are examined by firms and the time and effort it takes to manage systems comes under the spotlight users want consolidation in their security products.

Users want to be able to control, manage and operate a security system that can react to numerous threats but come with just a few names on the front. Check Point and its resellers are starting to hear this demand loud and clear and it could have ramifications for the channel.

The consequences can be split into a couple of areas. Firstly, it means that resellers will be attracted to larger vendors that sell a suite of products. Secondly, those partners will have to sell wider and deeper with its chosen suppliers.

There are already signs that some vendors are doing what they can to get the message across about selling deep
and wide across a portfolio, and one of those is Check Point, and that is likely to continue.

But of course a vendor telling a reseller something is one thing a customer doing it is slightly different. Now that users are apparently saying the same there is a choice for dealers to make.

Either they consider their portfolio and provide the same functionality but from less vendors or they hold out against the tide making the best case for a range of best-of-breed point products. It's going to be the customer that ultimately decides what they want to do.

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