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Focusing on the cloud reality

It's easy to lose sight of what is actually happening in the market sometimes warns Billy Macinnes

When you’re working in, or writing about, an industry that seems to be moving at a hundred miles an hour, it can be easy to lose sight of the outside world. It might seem as if you’re going so fast that everything around you is a blur but that doesn’t mean everything is blurred, only that it looks like it. And because it’s blurred to you, you can’t see it properly.

For the people you’re whizzing past, the only thing that looks blurred is you.

Sometimes, as IT industry evangelists go whizzing by, exhorting everybody else to follow them in their fast-moving hype lane and join them as they speed towards technological nirvana, it can be helpful if there’s someone standing on the outside ready to introduce a dose of cold reality to the proceedings. Of course, there’s always a danger that the hype merchants might not want to hear it but a lot of other people tempted to travel in their wake might.

The recent findings of a survey for Nutanix by Quocirca entitled The Future for Hybrid Cloud are a case in point. According to Nutanix, the results of the survey “suggests that the notion of cloud usage becoming ubiquitous is more hype than reality and that there remains work to be done to win over doubters on several fronts”.

While most organisations are using some form of cloud computing “there remain significant concerns over key factors including integration, total cost of ownership and security”. Clive Longbottom, service director at Quocirca, said the industry was still “at the early stages of cloud, and organisations are finding that not all workloads are cloud-ready, and that their own staff are not quite as cloud-savvy as they hoped”.

The survey found only 39% had achieved their expectations of faster delivery of new or incremental functionality by moving to cloud. A mere 17% who thought the ability to move Capex to Opex in the cloud was a priority had their expectations fully met. It also found that the biggest concerns hindering a faster move to hybrid cloud were data sovereignty and security.

To be honest, none of these findings are startling but that’s precisely the point. Sometimes, it’s easy to miss the point when you’re going so fast that you can’t see the obvious. It can be useful when something emerges that reinforces reality and bursts through the hype bubble that so many in this industry erect around themselves.

It gives them a chance to pause for thought. It’s like stopping at a traffic light and being able to clearly see everything around you before you head off. And everything becomes blurry again.

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