ExactTrak Security Guardian

BYOD security fears should be calmed with the ExactTrak USB device that can track location and remotely wipe the memory if it strays into the wrong hands

One of the biggest concerns about BYOD is the security risk it poses allowing staff to come into the corporate workspace with their own devices.

As a result, quiet understandably, some firms have resisted allowing staff to bring in their tablets and connect with their smart phones while they try to protect the infrastructure.

The good news is that there are increasing numbers of solutions that resellers can offer that deal with the security issue.

One of those that catches the eye comes from ExactTrak which has come up with a rather clever way of ensuring that portable devices maintain security policies.

The ExactTrak Security Guardian is a USB stick that comes with geolocation technology that tells the administrator exactly where it is.

That means that losing the USB is not going to cause sleepless nights and because it can be managed via the cloud its possible to remotely wipe the memory and turn it off.

The USB is larger than the normal ones you can pick up at supermarkets but that is because it comes with many more features. Memory options includes 4GB, 32GB and coming soon a 64GB version.

For those users that want to go around with sensitive corporate data the idea of accessing it on a USB device that can be made safe is a compelling one and should be a relief to IT administrators everywhere.

The cost of the device is an annual package based on a subscription, which also includes access to the cloud management tools.

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