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Channel matchmaker: Look over the otherside of the Channel

In his regular series highlighting potential partnership opportunities for resellers Nick Booth highlights some French options

Since IT speeds up everything, it would only be logical if it automated the class system.

It’s difficult not to reach this conclusion when you’re walking around Olympia or Excel when the advertising, sales and marketing technologists are displaying their wares. One vendor described how the PBX can check an incoming phone call, cross reference the identity with existing database records, and make an instant judgment on the customer’s social status. Sometimes the machine can decide whether to forward your call to a machine or a Maitre D, purely on the basis of just their post code! It can’t be long before they start judging you by your accent. 

Thank goodness the French don’t suffer from the British obsession with class. They have a refreshingly egalitarian approach to their work, which could make them wonderful vendor partners.

So the description of security technology brought to the UK by Parisian start up Wallix must have lost something in translation. Wallix specializes in management of the ‘Privileged’ access user. Like many IT companies, there is nowhere on their press releases, or web sites, which describes in plain terms what privileged access management actually is. (Surely that would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?).

We shall take it to mean that privileged access refers to the top talents of a business, the C level executives and admins, who have their own passwords, can access all areas and speak in their own gobbledegook language that nobody else understands – except rival executives. Given that the C level execs are constantly on the move, flitting between hotels, airport lounges and client meetings, they need a foolproof way of getting fast access to data without compromising security. But usual, access management has descended into chaos.

Wallix’s founders invented much stronger control and traceability tools for managing the mobile privileged users. Its flagship product, WAB Suite, is designed to be easier but more powerful. It so impressed the venture capitalists that they’ve given the €40 million for expansion.

Now Wallix has got a new UK management team in place, led by Bruce Jubb, and is looking for British channel partners. There is a three tier channel programme, with three classes of reseller, depending on how you hold your knife and fork and whether you put your milk in the cup before you pour the tea.

Moving on, Kameleoon is another French specialist which has recently raised money for expansion. It recently received €2million for research and development of its two flagship optimization systems and a storming of the UK market.

Jean-René Boidron, President of Kameleoon, said that its new software services will overcome the technical constraints that have reduced many marketers to act like the cast of Les Miserables. Predictive algorithms and personalization campaigns will set them free, according to Kameleoon.

Bon chance.

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