TD Synnex places sustainability at heart of services business

Distributor increases circular economy approach after review underlined the demand from customers for greater levels of support

TD Synnex has updated the strategy for its services business enshrining a circular economy at the core of its approach.

The distributor has decided, after concluding a review, that its services business will ramp up sustainability support, making available more trade-in and IT asset options.

The expectation is that resellers will be able to support customers that want to upgrade and swap out legacy devices safe in the knowledge it has been handled in a sustainable way.

The distie has reacted to the growing demand from both the channel and customers to provide more sustainable options and will be providing the opportunity for partners to provide “bill and hold” services, extended warrantees and net-zero consultancy to customers.

“The circular economy is becoming a core part of the whole IT ecosystem. Being able to drive and deliver sustainable choices and derive better value out of the entire lifecycle of IT products is going to become absolutely vital to all partner businesses in the future,” said Sophia Haywood-Atkinson, business unit director of services in the UK at TD Synnex.

“Device as a service is increasingly popular and we are seeing more tenders stipulating that a certain proportion of products must be refurbished,” she added.

Sustainability is already a big area of focus for the channel, but Haywood-Atkinson said that as a distributor, the firm was in a position to provide support to a wide number of partners.

“This is already a big area of potential for our partners and, as it continues to accelerate and grow, we will be ready to support them in delivering on customer expectations and maximising the potential,” she said.

As well as it being the right thing to save the planet. there are expectations that the demand for circular economy services will only continue to grow and will become an increasing revenue source for the channel.

“All conscientious commercial and public sector organisations have now set their own sustainability and net-zero targets and are moving determinedly towards them. IT is going to play a key part in helping them to achieve those aims and our role will be to act as a provider of services that will enable partners to support their customers’ sustainability goals,” said Haywood-Atkinson.

She added that sustainable services appealed to customers of all sizes and played well to the channel SME heartlands.

“Small businesses need to drive sustainability as much as large organisations, and we will be making sure that our services portfolio is suited to their needs and accessible to all partners,” added Haywood-Atkinson.

Distributors across the channel have been actively grasping the sustainability nettle and helping partners move forward to net zero, as well as arming them with services they can take out to users. TD Synnex has also been pushing its green efforts and is committed to reaching net-zero emissions globally by 2045.  

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