TD Synnex shares report on ESG progress

Distributor outlines the steps it’s taken in the past year, as well as the targets it’s committed to in the future

TD Synnex has published its first corporate citizenship report, building on the satisfiability goals it outlined a year ago.

The distributor’s Corporate citizenship report brings together its ambitions around its ESG objectives for the global organisation and signals where it is looking to make a difference.

The channel player conducted a materiality assessment that identified the ESG issues that were most significant to the company, and has been looking to establish across the business what good corporate citizenship looks like.

“Our approach to business growth has evolved to place sustainability at the core of our operational practices, and our deep commitment to innovation, people and the planet is essential to fulfilling our larger purpose,” said TD Synnex CEO Rich Hume.

“As we continue to invest and expand the way we serve our customers, co-workers and communities, we are grounded in the principles that have propelled our legacy companies to this unified point,” he added.

In terms of the environmental element in ESG, the channel player committed to reaching net-zero GHG emissions globally by 2045, and rolled out a sustainability training programme for staff to get up to speed with sustainability essentials and circular economy, which were also supported by a global sustainability working group that is also concentrating on those two areas.

The firm has also diverted around 350,000 mobiles that were heading to landfill through its new trade-in programme.

Equality target

On the social side, the ambition is to get the portion of the workforce that are women to 50% by 2030, and increase the number in leadership roles to 40%.

The firm also uses business resources groups to provide forums for staff with similar backgrounds to share their experiences, and in the past year two fresh ones were started: Embrace, which celebrates cultural, ethnic and religious differences, fostering a welcoming and equitable workplace, and Rise, dedicated to celebrating, supporting and advancing Asian and Pacific Islander co-workers.

In terms of governance, the business is striving to establish one culture under a Servant Leadership in Action model, establishing a corporate citizenship leadership and governance structure. Part of that has included appointing a global responsibility team and sustainability working group, and creating and filling the roles of Director of Global Responsibility and Global Sustainability Manager.

The plan is to use the report as a benchmark that puts in print the progress made and the commitments that are being worked towards.

“Over the past year, we have thoughtfully developed an ESG framework that aligns with our combined company’s purpose,” said Adam Rutstein, director of global responsibility for TD Synnex. “This report represents an important milestone in establishing where we are today and our plans for achieving our meaningful goals.”

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