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Agilitas strategy already yielding results

Agilitas has been through plenty of changes recently, but the response from customers to its strategy has been positive

Agilitas IT Solutions has indicated that its three-year roadmap is already starting to have a positive impact, with it is moving into a period that will define its future.

The channel player has gone through a management reshuffle and indicated that it is following a strategy that places customer experience transformation at the heart of its approach.

Recent weeks have seen a fresh team unveiled after its CEO Shaun Lynn departed along with chief marketing officer Richard Eglon and solutions director Mike Cummins. Agilitas welcomed Mark Dixon as chair and promoted Collette De Gioia to become finance director.

The Nottingham-based business has now gone further and provided an update on its progress, indicating that it views 2024 as a “defining year” as it moves forward with its plans.

The strategy will be based around three core areas – inventory assurance, professional services and smart logistics – and there are already some signs that the approach is resonating with customers.

In terms of detail, the inventory assurance offering is a service to keep user systems going on a global basis. Professional services are pitched as an option that extends a customer’s engineering capabilities to speed up their development and adoption of technologies. Finally, smart logistics will focus on how the firm manages warehouse, logistics and circular economy services.

That last prong of the strategy emphasises the sustainability approach that will be a backdrop to all of the channel player’s actions.

John Hayes Warren, chief revenue officer, who has been with the business for eight months, has been charged with leading the growth strategy at Agilitas and said the strategy was already starting to yield results.

“Despite this period of change for Agilitas and the wider technology channel, I’m pleased to see that our growth strategy is already taking shape with our customer base growing at speed,” he said.

Some of that period of change is driven by technology, and Agilitas is keen to use digital offerings to break down geographical barriers and grow the customer and partner base as a result.

Agilitas also signalled that is prepared to invest in headcount and existing skills of staff to make get depth behind its strategy.

“Our team is ambitious and driven to take our company to the next level with the introduction of new capabilities and service portfolio. We will continue to leverage our unique advantage in inventory management and in-depth service expertise to deliver optimal services and operational capabilities on a global scale,” added Hayes Warren.

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