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Consenna launches HP trade-in programme targeting SMEs

Firm kicks off trade-in programme to encourage smaller companies to invest in fresh desktops and laptops

There is nothing quite like a trade-in scheme to arm the channel with ammunition to spur on reluctant customers dithering over upgrading their hardware.

Consenna has launched a trade-in programme on behalf of HP aimed squarely at the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market to encourage fresh investment in kit.

The Secure Trade-In by HP programme is intended to give SMEs a sustainable way to get rid of hardware, desktops and laptops through a network of 175 resellers.

Equipment that is traded in will be handled by IT disposal specialist Re-Tek, so SMEs can be sure the hardware is wiped clean and retired properly.

“HP is a business with a strong commitment to operating sustainably,” said Trevor Evans, managing director at Consenna. “However, this can only be truly successful when all partners and end-users are on board. For small business owners looking to upgrade their IT equipment, there can be myriad concerns, from cost through to data security.

“What Secure Trade-In by HP provides to those business owners is not only the reassurance of total security and compliance at every stage of the process, as well as the incentive of cash-back on qualifying purchases of new equipment, but, importantly, it allows them to make a meaningful contribution to the circular economy through minimising waste.”

Consenna has devised the scheme and will handle all aspects of it, including providing the portal through which trade-ins will be administered. The firm has previously worked with the likes of Lenovo, Microsoft and BT.

The response from Michael Pope, UK commercial notebook category manager at HP, focused on the benefits of offering a trade-in scheme with green credentials.

“The Consenna team has a comprehensive appreciation of what a trade-in programme of this nature requires,” he said. “From supporting HP’s own commitments to sustainability, through to empowering our network of resellers who are at the coalface of working with small and medium-sized business owners, and on to creating messages that engage those business owners, they have created a vehicle through which I don’t doubt we will witness a greater appreciation of how redundant IT equipment can be successfully saved from the technology scrapheap.”

Sustainability is becoming one of the most important discussion points for the channel to cover with customers, but so far, most of the focus has been on the printer world, where the industry is doing a lot to promote managed print as a way to cut down paper wastage.

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