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Distology shines light on OT security

Distributor steps up partner education around OT security to ensure the opportunity is grasped

Distology is encouraging resellers to focus on the cyber security aspects of operational technology (OT) environments as customers look for help protecting their businesses.

The distributor recently held its third annual Disruptor Day with the focus settling on the opportunities emerging around OT cyber security.

The distie is following up on the event with a series of enablement sessions, starting next month, to provide more support for partners.

The Disruptor Day also gave Distology the chance to unveil its relationship with Keepnet Labs, and the event included contributions from a range of vendors’ including Verkada, OPSWAT, Yubico, Cyolo and Garland.

Sessions underlined the growing awareness from customers across key verticals for the need to secure operational technology environments, and resellers were encouraged to get into a position where they could provide answers to those user concerns.

The vendors warned that, on the positive side, OT would allow customers to transform their operations –- but on the downside, it would also expose fresh threats and risks.

“Disruptor Day has evolved beyond a mere tech showcase. It’s about fostering conversations around holistic solutions and navigating the expansive cyber security landscape,” remarked Hayley Roberts, Distology CEO and founder. “We aim to highlight disruptive technologies that transcend conventional norms and pave the way for a more secure digital future.”

Roberts said that the firm viewed its role as a value-added player as one that included a need to provide a heads up to the channel around growth areas.

“We are not a traditional distributor; we’re a solutions services business bridging the gap between vendors and resellers,” she said.

“We strive to offer vendor-quality support, enabling the channel, fostering go-to-market strategies, and establishing trust as a valued partner. Disruptor Day is our chance to showcase the risk, value and sweat and tears that go into that mission year after year,” she added.

The response from the  partners that attended was favourable, with many pointing out that there were clear benefits to being given guidance around market opportunities.

“As someone entrenched in the IT cyber security arena, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to dive into the realm of operational technology,” said Ben Konopinski, founder and CEO of Koncise Solutions. “I have no doubt that everyone in attendance better understands OT’s future significance.”

Richard Eglon, CMO of Nebula Global Services, said there was value in getting a spread of views around OT cyber security. “The insights shared on the day were so relevant to our changing market and will really help companies shape their business strategies moving forward,” he added.

Mark Forster, CTO of Softcat, was in agreement over the importance of getting to grips with OT security and viewed it as an area for growth going into 2024.

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