AV pandemic decisions coming under scrutiny

An increasing number of customers are revaluating the technology decisions they made at the height of the coronavirus to make hybrid working possible

Some of the decisions made during the pandemic were born out of necessity and have since come under more scrutiny as customers take stock of the current situation.

One of those areas where reassessments are currently being made is on the audio visual (AV) front, with research from AV solutions and services provider Kinly underlining the activity being undertaken by users.

The firm found that 41% of AV professionals believe that their organisations “rushed” AV installations due to the pandemic, and a similar percentage felt that their organisations did not have the time to “get the technology right” during Covid-19. As a result, a quarter of customers are uninstalling the hybrid working tech they installed a couple of years ago.

“Covid-19 was a tough time for everyone, and it’s understandable that so many organisations had to rush to change. Now however, as we look back on the decisions made, it’s essential that businesses consider whether the technologies they selected are right for their long-term business goals,” said Taj Ghere, Kinly’s UK region managing director.

“Many organisations thought that working from home would be a temporary solution to the crisis, but have since seen the benefits of flexible and remote working for their staff, businesses, and bottom lines,” he added.

One of the fears that many AV professionals expressed was the increased security risks that had resulted as a consequence of rushing into installing tools to get through the most difficult points of the coronavirus.

“In the face of the ‘great roll back’, security considerations will be paramount, but this is also our chance to ensure that technology choices are maximising productivity and giving employees the best possible hybrid working experiences. Those that rushed their installations last time should not risk making the same mistakes twice,” said Ghere.

The result of the current landscape is an even greater need for customers to work with channel specialists that can help them get the strategy right.

“They need to work with specialist AV partners to ensure that their second approach is right – first time. By focusing on precision, security and simplicity, organisations can forge a path toward sustainable success in the era of hybrid work,” said Ghere.

When it comes to working out customer priorities, the research found that network infrastructure is still a priority. Virtual town halls and office displays were also areas customers continue to view as important.

Where the channel could play a role in advising users is around securing digital space and which collaboration software to settle on.

Recent comments made by Midwich’s senior management on the release of the distributor’s half-year results indicated that although the AV market has largely bounced back fully from the pandemic, the current economic conditions have hit certain areas, including education and corporate, as customers hold off on spending.

The pressures customers are facing – including security fears – raised by the Kinly findings will provide some hopes that a sluggish corporate market will bounce back once more confidence returns in the economy.

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