CloudSmiths sealing partnerships to gain UK foothold

South African firm looks to expand its reach through a series of partnerships with UK partners

An established African channel player specialising in top accreditations from the likes of Google Cloud and Salesforce has set its sights on making an impact in the UK.

Johannesburg-based CloudSmiths is looking beyond its native South Africa, and has started to forge relationships in the UK as it attempts to expand the business.

The firm has struck up partnerships with a number of UK players, including Cymetri, Grafana Labs, i-10, Leadex and Xactly Corporation.

The ambition is to establish the business in the UK to operate in four key areas: data cloud, leaning on its experience with Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform; MuleSoft integration; data engineering as a service; and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions built on Salesforce and Google’s AI infrastructure.

The firm has a track record of providing a large number of services via partnerships and has built an impressive customer base across private and public sectors.

Having been an active member of the Salesforce ecosystem, the plan is to learn from those lessons and work with other partners looking for cloud expertise.

“At CloudSmiths, partnerships are at the forefront of our priorities. With a rapidly changing market landscape and evolving customer needs, collaborating with strategic partners is essential to leverage complementary strengths, broaden capabilities and create a more customer-centric ecosystem,” said Tom Fowler, chief technology officer (CTO) at CloudSmiths.

“We have established a strong reputation within the Salesforce ecosystem, and our extensive network of relationships in the EMEA region provides us with significant leverage. However, our core strategy revolves around our commitment to specialisation. This is precisely why we have expanded our operations to the UK, and partnerships will play a pivotal role in realising our strategy,” he added.

CloudSmiths is a Google Cloud Partner and top Salesforce Cloud Reseller. It also works with a number of other vendors, including AWS and Azure.

Mark Hastings, founder and director of i-10, one of the UK partners working with CloudSmiths, said there was a benefit to choosing a strategy of collaboration.

“For any business looking to unlock greater efficiency and transformation strategies for its customers, its solutions are only as successful as the partners you choose to work with,” he said.

“As a proud partner of CloudSmiths, we have witnessed the tremendous benefits of collaboration to unlock a world of expertise, innovation and scalability. Building a robust network of strategic partners is key to staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving technology market,” added Hastings.

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