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Logicalis looking to raise the managed services bar

Channel player ushers in a number of enhancements on its Managed Data Fabric Platform to provide users with deeper insights

Logicalis has enhanced its Managed Data Fabric Platform in a move to raise the bar on the managed services it can offer customers.

The channel player launched the platform last April, and already has more than 200 customers globally getting insights from the firm on their systems performance, device management and risks to the network.

The latest enhancements include a fresh user interface, plus an overall health score to allow users to gain insights across the entire network and cloud environments.

Logicalis also wanted to up the game on managed services, and the platform will provide users with high, medium and low-impact recommendations to help generate savings and improved efficiencies.

Bob Bailkoski, CEO of Logicalis, said the firm wanted to keep moving forward on the managed services front, and arm chief information officers (CIOs) with deeper insights. “For the last 12 months or more, we’ve been trying to bring innovation to the managed services industry,” he said. “The idea behind the platform was trying to bring innovation to the managed services world.

“Typically when you manage devices or environments for customers, the key stat you’re required to report on is availability. What’s the uptime for the various devices that I purchased? And can you let me know if there are any problems with availability for any of those devices? That’s it, end of the managed service offering, really.

“We thought that because we have a privileged position with our customers ... there are additional insights that we could provide those customers with beyond the basic availability status,” said Bailkoski.

Improving infrastructure

Those insights should provide customers with areas where they can better utilise technology as well as flag further opportunities to improve the health of their infrastructure, which matters given the pressure CIOs are under to deliver a decent user experience.

Bailkoski said that as well as providing efficiency and security insights, one of the other areas it felt it was raising the bar was on the sustainability front.

“[The platform also] gives them a carbon footprint score, or a sustainability score, too,” he said. “In addition to the availability piece, you get four additional metrics.”

“We go deeper in terms of the insights and give a grading on the impact those insights would have for the customers to improve the health of their environment,” said Bailkoski. “It just gives CIOs deeper intelligence into how to manage their environments and identify very quickly their priorities for actions they can get their team or partner Logicalis to support them with to bring real benefits to their environment.”

Key updates

The latest incarnation of the Logicalis Data Fabric Platform includes a few clear advances:

  • Updated UI to make it easy for users to navigate the system.
  • Overall health score that can provides users with a quick guide to their position across the entire network, cloud, security and workplace services.
  • Deeper insights providing high, medium and low-impact recommendations to improve the user environment.
  • A fresh knowledge base section to provide users with information around how the system works, and metres used by Logicalis to determine insights and health scores.

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