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Logicalis arms customers with environmental insights

Logicalis platform offering will provide users with a chance to identify where they can take steps to reduce carbon emissions

Logicalis has been vocal in its commitment to making a positive impact around sustainability and the opportunity to provide customers with insights that could improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) position.

Speaking to MicroScope back in May, Bob Bailkoski, CEO of Logicalis, said the channel player was accelerating its sustainability efforts and it was vital that it was able to work with partners both up and downstream, encouraging moves by vendors and customers to reduce carbon emissions.

The firm announced it was making a digital fabric scorecard available to customers, which would help to identify areas where improvements could be made in user businesses.

“As a managed services provider, we’re in a privileged position that we’ve got access to a ton of client data. Historically, managed service providers haven’t really taken advantage of the insights that data can bring,” said Bailkoski a few weeks ago.

The firm has now launched a managed digital fabric platform that provides a number of metrics, including environmental monitoring of power and capacity utilisation, to help identify where carbon emissions could be cut.

Logicalis has carried out research assessing the challenges faced by CIOs and wants to provide an offering that measures other metrics across a customer’s business.

The platform also gives customers a chance to keep an eye on the economics of the business, identifying where costs could be cut or where investments would yield results, measuring the position on security compliance, gauging levels of user experience and availability of capacity across the network.

“For a CIO, trying to objectively assess the performance of their digital ecosystem is a huge undertaking, a deluge of data and inconsistent metrics make it hard to get a holistic view of whether you’re delivering for the business,” said Toby Alcock, CTO of Logicalis.

“Through the Managed Digital Fabric Platform, we’ve made the complex simple, identifying the five factors that matter most to CIOs and serving up a live scoring system for each. Users get a real-time view of how their entire tech suite is performing and crucially, gain insight on changes they can make to improve its business impact,” he added.

Alcock said that customers wanted to get a better picture of where they stood in terms of carbon emissions, but it was not an area many were comfortable dealing with.

“When it comes to the environmental impact of digital services, it’s a major focus for our customers, but many are struggling to know where they stand, let alone what steps to take. The platform takes away both those challenges by providing measurement as well as recommendations to help our customers to achieve their ESG goals,” he said.

“What’s really game-changing is that we’ve placed it front and centre on a CIO dashboard alongside cost, security and service. Our intention is to drive significant and industry-wide environmental change,” he added.

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