TD Synnex and Evolve IP deepening green commitment

Distributor and cloud communication specialist both actively stepping up their sustainability efforts

Sustainability efforts have been stepped up with resellers, MSPs and distributors across the channel, with all keen to reduce their carbon emissions.

TD Synnex is among those that have been vocal about the need to reduce carbon emissions and take control where possible of energy decisions. The distributor has bolstered its ambition to improve its position on Scope 1 and 2 emissions with a move to run all four of its UK locations on electricity from renewable sources.

The firm had been aiming to get to this point by the end of the year, but has been able to get there ahead of time because of a move to using green energy at the Bracknell offices.

Kevin Wragg, director, environment and quality compliance at TD Synnex, said the distributor was pleased to get to the renewable energy goal before the end of 2023. “It’s vitally important that our industry continues to make progress in reducing its carbon impact and it is worth celebrating as every small step takes us a little bit closer to net zero,” he said.

TD Synnex is also introducing more electric car charging points at its UK locations and is continuing to encourage a general reduction in energy consumption.

Elsewhere in the channel, collaboration services player Evolve IP has teamed up with Green IP to increase the sustainable elements in cloud communication. Green IP is looking to double its customer base with the sustainability support it can provide users. It is expecting the tie-up with Evolve will support that ambition.

Matthew Brown, business development executive at Green IP, said there was an attraction in offering a pitch that supported customers becoming more sustainable, while reducing costs and enhancing collaboration.

“Customers are very keen to embrace our green vision. It’s becoming more prevalent as climate change is something that no one can ignore now. We all have to play a part. 2024 will be a massive year for us,” he said.

Paul Harrison, managing director (EMEA) at Evolve IP, said the partnership would promote sustainable business practices to customers. “We know that around 70% of future procurement is looking to work with sustainable businesses. Green IP is a natural place for them to come,” he said.

“Today, businesses have a choice to be sustainable but very soon we are not going to have a choice. It will become mandatory. So, if Evolve IP and Green IP are ahead of the curve, we can help all our customers to do the same and gain a competitive advantage. This will lead to a greener and more prosperous future for everyone, which is the ultimate goal. We are all on the same journey,” he added.

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