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Maintel turns to Agilitas IT Solutions for inventory as a service

Strategic partnership will give Maintel more flexibility as it pursues growth ambitions

Maintel has formed a strategic partnership with Agilitas IT Solutions as part of its plans to bolster its growth. The relationship will last for at least five years and the plan is that by getting Agilitas to look after inventory management and stock ownership, Maintel can start to lean on its partner’s inventory-as-a-service expertise.

Maintel has been following a strategy of establishing itself as a leading UK cloud and managed comms services player and has been evolving its managed services proposition as a way of improving its position.

The new partnership should give Maintel the chance to speed ahead and let Agilitas handle the inventory and stock side of things.

“The transition to Agilitas was well planned, managed and executed and even when we had the inevitable teething problems in early life, they came to the table with realistic solutions and a ‘can-do’ attitude,” said Gillian Bailey, operations director at Maintel.

“Our customers have undoubtedly benefited from this partnership – we were ‘OK’ at logistics prior to the outsource, but we lacked automation and a general logistics knowhow. However, now that we are working with Agilitas, we can see what a real logistics organisation can do in terms of systems, processes, spares profiling and logistics best practice.”

Agilitas is providing an automated and integrated inventory management system, InventoryAssure+, which should speed up delivery and underpin Maintel’s growth ambitions. It is also backing that up with engineering resources and holding tech spares from a number of vendors that can be supplied, along with project stock, through a national storage and distribution system.

Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas, said: “Automation is at the heart of modern inventory management and working with Maintel represents its transformative power to drive operational efficiency at scale.”

Agilitas has the contract for an initial five years to work with Maintel.

Lynn added: “We are extremely proud of the strong progression and success that the Maintel team are already seeing through this strategic partnership and look forward to continuing our high-quality service that both supports its customers and growth objectives.”

In its most recent half-year results, Maintel informed investors that it had returned to organic revenue growth and had continued to reduce debts as it continued to transform the business. “Maintel had a solid first half and has continued its transition to a cloud and managed services business,” it said last October.

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