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Increasing number of channel sets carbon targets

Research by DataSolutions has revealed that although there is a way to go to reduce carbon footprints, many in the channel are setting sustainability targets

The channel is increasingly talking about sustainability and setting carbon goals but many are yet to set out on that journey.

The COP26 conference is progressing in Glasgow shining a spotlight on the need for the world to change in order to save the planet.

Vendors, distributors and resellers are also being asked about their green credentials are and security distie DataSolutions has gone out to quiz the channel further on the topic.

On the positive side the responses showed that 37% of the channel and 34% of users have set a carbon-neutral or net-zero goal. On the flip side that meant that 60% have not done so.

Those that have yet set carbon goals in stone did indicate that they were heading in that direction. The survey found that 60% already had an ESG strategy and a similar proportion indicated they had firm plans to reduce carbon emissions.

The channel was also quizzed over whether sustainability would be a growth opportunity going forward. Almost half (47%) of those channel respondents did expect it to be an opportunity.

DataSolutions has also made public commitments and in March announced it planned to be carbon neutral by next year. The firm has been measuring its carbon output in 2018 and 2019 to get an idea of how big the scale of the challenge Issa part of its ‘Go Green’ initiative.

Michael O’Hara, group managing director, DataSolutions, said that it was good to see so many in the channel setting out sustainability plans.

“Since we launched Techies Go Green last March, the awareness and interest levels in sustainability has grown dramatically. However, more action is needed, and we must all keep striving for change,” he said.

“Climate change is real and affects us all. We all need to play an active part in slowing it down and I urge the channel to lead from the front on sustainability before it’s too late - before your hand is forced,” he added.

O’Hara added that it could be daunting for W channel firm to set out in a carbon neutral strategy because of the sheer amount of information available around the subject, but it was important for firms to keep going.

“Any business looking to make their operations more sustainable and achieve Net Zero can get paralysed into inaction due to the mountain of information and negative commentary around climate change. It is not easy to produce a plan and the reality is that it will take years for the vast majority of businesses to achieve Net Zero. However, the answer is continual education to build awareness and training geared towards companies. This will help a lot of organisations to get started and establish a strategy,” he concluded.

So far the noises coming out of COP26 indicate that getting g agreements with world leaders is going to be a challenge but there is a consensus that things cannot remain as they are and globally warming must be addressed.


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