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DataSolutions to step up reseller training and recruitment in UK

Irish firm DataSolutions looks to increase growth in the UK and build on the foothold it has already established in Surrey

Dublin-based value-added distributor (VAD) DataSolutions has launched a UK channel recruitment drive to build on the success of its Camberley branch in the UK.

DataSolutions reported 57% growth in revenues from distributing brands such as Nutanix, Citrix, Check Point, RSA and HPE Aruba. Since entering the UK, DataSolutions has reported four years consecutive growth in the UK.

Managing director Michael O’Hara said that training and support are crucial in helping the IT channel make the cultural shift from reselling products to offering a service.

To this end, DataSolutions has invested in product training initiatives such as the Citrix Cloud Labs, The Secure Computing Forum and the HCI Hub for Nutanix users. It also offers 12 different types of market making service to its reseller partners, ranging from market development funding to video and animation creation.

“It’s all about giving the partners confidence,” said O’Hara. “Our products solve enterprise problems. In the early days of Nutanix, our partners were scared of selling it because it wasn’t a household name. Our support gave them the conviction they needed and they subsequently made great advances with Nutanix as it took off.”

DataSolutions offers security, networking, intelligent workspace and hybrid multi-cloud product and services. Its USP is to offer what the bigger distributors can’t – professional and personal support, especially on finance.

“When you’re dealing with enterprises, the gestation of a deal can be 12 months. Bigger distributors are very tight on credit and bound by corporate policy. So the funding of a project is very difficult for resellers,” said O’Hara, “our account managers have the freedom to make a commercial decision on a partner and support them on a deal if it’s viable.”

DataSolutions closed the financial year ending 31 March 2020 with revenues of €74m. O’Hara said the firm has ambitious plans to grow this significantly by 2022 by training and supporting more partners. 

“Having moved into the UK in 2016, we wished we had focused our efforts here earlier,” said O’Hara.

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