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Aryaka looks to services to make the difference

SD-WAN specialist rolls out a number of services that the channel can sell individually or as a package

SD-WAN specialist Aryaka is increasing its appeal to the MSP community after cutting the ribbon on an expansion to the services it can provide partners.

The firm has launched its Smart Services portfolio, segmenting a lot of the options that could be taken out to market by partners.

Services that partners could provide include management, last mile connection, optimisation, cloud, insights and security.

Dave Ginsburg, vp product and solutions marketing at Aryaka, said that partners could see a range of services or individual options that would plug a gap in their own capabilities.

"We are taking what was really hidden behind the curtain. We have developed this amazing tech but a lot has been hidden but in an increasingly competitive market we want to show [what we can do]," he said.

"Having these as individual services helps everyone involved and we are not making it anymore complictaed for the partner adding additional upsell opportunities," he added.

The firm is also hoping to arm partners with more regional options giving them a harder pitch with its Smart Connect service as the firm looks to expand beyond being known for global deployments.

Ginsburg said that customers used it for global deployments but often tasked partners with finding an alternative for a regional rollout but that would now change, arming its channel with more opportunities to go for.

Olen Scott, senior vp worldwide channels at Aryaka, said that the SD-WAN marker was a crowded space and these services gave it more of an opportunity to stand out from the competition. There is also an expectation that more MSPs will see the offerings and join the vendor's ranks.

"These services are aimed at a broader appeal to the market," he added "If nothing else it will help customers and partners based in our market work out what the other guys don't have."

Ginsburg added that it was stepping up the support it offered for those partners that wanted to increase their involvement with services.

"We have the biggest push for partner education and enablement we have done for a number of years," he said.

The vendor has been trailing the services with a select number of partners and based on that experience is expecting the approach to go down well across the broader channel and customer base.

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