Nuvias extends networking portfolio with Sinefa signing

The distributor continues to expand its networking portfolio adding a traffic management player to the mix

Nuvias has continued to expand its networking portfolio after striking a relationship with Sinefa.

The vendor provides network management tools and will come under the distributor's Advanced Networking Practice operation.

Nuvias has been adding depth to what it can offer resellers in the networking space and already works with a fairly long list of players, including Aerohive, Barracuda, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Nuage and Riverbed.

Sinefa should appeal to resellers working across EMEA, providing hosted services as the networking management is available via the cloud.

The other benefit is the technology is agnositic in terms of the branded system it works with as well as the type of network, with legacy WANs, software defined and multi-tenanted environments all being analyised to help users get better control of their infrastructure.

“Limited network visibility is a significant barrier to success for many organizations striving to deliver a differentiated digital experience,” said Con Nikolouzakis, CEO at Sinefa.

“Our partnership with Nuvias will play a key role in exploiting this multi-billion dollar opportunity across EMEA markets. Nuvias has a strong track record in delivering advanced networking solutions with clear business ROI and is a great fit as a Sinefa partner,” he added.

From the stance of Nuvias the latest relationship should provide resellers with more options to help customers get a firmer grip on what's happening across the network and is a complementary sale on top of most of the other offerings the Advanced Networking Practice already offers.

“Sinefa gives our resellers the opportunity to provide customers with instant, 100% traffic visibility across any network and from any location for improved productivity and reduced network costs,” said Hanspeter Eiselt, CMO for the Nuvias Group.

“Sinefa is a compelling solution for any business requiring an affordable way to measure and improve their network and application performance as part of their digital transformation strategy,” he added.

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