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Rubrik shares growth stats and welcomes fresh faces

The cloud data specialist has revealed it is growing quickly and has attracted more talent to join the executive ranks

Cloud data player Rubrik has provided an update on its channel progress with resellers now covering the bulk of EMEA and increasing their business with the vendor.

The firm has partners operating in 44 countries in EMEA and 86% of those have seen their business double with the firm helping it quadruple its customer base.

The firm was providing a glimpse into its state of affairs as it remains on track to hit the $300m in bookings run rate, doubled since August last year, and revealed it had appointed former Dell EMC staffer Martin brown as director for West EMEA.

Microsoft's current chairman John Thompson has also taken a position on the Rubrik board giving the firm the chance to call on his industry experience.

“I invested in Rubrik because of the team's transformational vision to simplify how the entire data management model works — an area that hasn’t seen significant innovation in more than 20 years,” said Thompson.

The raft of announcements from Rubrik include other fresh faces with Murray Demo becoming CFO. In his previous stint at Atlassian he helped lead the firm through an IPO.

“In the first four years at Rubrik, we have been able to help companies simplify what was once an extremely complex process — backup and data protection. But that’s only the beginning, the world’s largest enterprises are realizing they need a better way to manage their data in the hybrid cloud,” said Rubrik co-founder and CEO, Bipul Sinha.

“In the next four years, we’ll create new technologies and solutions to help companies not only manage, but do more with that data," he added.

The channel has been instrumental in helping the firm and it has been working with more managed service players through its global service delivery partner programme and the vendor appointed Randy Schirman as vp worldwide managed service partner sales to expand the MPS reach.

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Runrate! Funny, so funny, they exclude the profit cause there is NONE! The runrate is a fake number they make up, like user accounts or timeonline, which doesnt state how much they make NET profit. Since they do not make any.

Seems approiate that John is heading over to them since they have the same fake accounting practices as msft. Pump and dump, buybacks, runrate, sounds familar as redmonds accountants as not real accountants. Shameful tech companies have inflated stocks by buying their own shares when there down to pump the share price up. Illegal it is, but who cares right? Everybody is doing it!

When you see JohnT speaking about another fake company its just another scam, spin-off shell company the board dows and gives a valuation of hundred gazillion valuation when they never profitted of even sold a thing since they have NO PRODUCT. Yet these siliCON companies buy them up for 100 billions dollars,,,, and pocket the money themselves. This is fraud at its finest. In your face fraud, that says ANY small business has ZERO chance of making it, zero chance of every succeeding when fake companies steal ideas and use themselves.

When is John T going to leave the board?

As a shareholder I would like to know if the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates and MSFT is being investigated by the SEC for fraud in relation to the Clinton foundation as it would seem they are both being looked at. Why haven't they released a statement to shareholders? Is this not the lawful way of doing business?

Keeping these facts out of the public would prove a viable means for de-listing their stock. Knowingly, willingly and fraudulently defrauding shareholders.

Shameful company.