Nebula sharing net-zero approach

Services player Nebula hopes that opening up on its strategy will encourage others to improve their own sustainability positions

Improving sustainability across the channel has always been viewed as a team effort, and Nebula Global Services has shared its blueprint to help improve the situation.

The channel player has noted how sustainability has emerged as a key consideration for customers, and channel services players can no longer rely on their technical expertise alone to seal the deal.

The firm is practising what it preaches around the need for services firms to outline their sustainability position, therefore allowing customers to clearly understand where the business stands, by recently sharing its roadmap to get to net zero. Its Journey to NebZero initiative involves Nebula doing its part to improve sustainability levels across the channel.

Its approach, with a decision to source-local, source-responsible and source-ethical across their global supply chain, with a focus on decarbonisation and community initiatives, is an approach it hopea others can follow.

“When Nebula was formed in 2020, the ambition was to provide a global IT channel services business that delivered a positive impact to the value chain it served. Our strategy to source-local, source-responsible, and source-ethical on a global scale means we are already starting to build a sustainable business that is becoming increasingly intrinsic to our channel partners due to our customer-success philosophy,” said Ross Teague, CEO of Nebula.

Nebula is hoping that, by sourcing more locally, it can have a positive impact on its environment and increase awareness around sustainability beyond its own employee and customer base.

“The exciting thing is that this is just the beginning of the journey. We have purposely taken our time in making sure our efforts are focused in areas that make a significant difference to our channel partners and, collectively, we can achieve some amazing things over the coming years.”

Nebula is building a sustainability framework that is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Working to those standards and measuring progress against recognised data points has provided the channel player with a robust approach to net zero.

There have been various calls over the past couple of years by channel figures to encourage more collaboration on sustainability to improve the chances of firms getting to net zero. Businesses have been concentrating on internal efforts to identify and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions, but Scope 3 involves a much broader supply chain.

One example comes from David Terry, vice-president of IT channels at Schneider Electric, Europe, who said back in October 2022 that the channel needed to work together to make a positive difference.

“Manufacturers, IT distribution partners and parts of the ecosystem needs to come together to support IT partners. We’re doing everything we can within our own operations,” he said.

“Not one single person would do this on their own. Sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions across the channels that we have is a team sport. It’s the vendors, the manufacturers, distribution and its resellers. It’s the logistical services we use and it is the recycling services. But it’s one of the biggest opportunities we have,” he added.

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