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Nebula achieves ISO security standard

Firm will use the certification to highlight its services capabilities to customers

Nebula is keen to promote having achieved information security framework ISO27001 as a sign of its services credentials.

The channel player recently gained the ISO 27001:2022 certification, meaning the firm can implement, maintain and deliver improvement of a information security management system (ISMS) securing confidential corporate assets.

Nebula will be emphasising how the certification, which involves going through a fairly intensive independent process, demonstrates its security capabilities.

“As a services business, reputation and trust is everything,” said Ross Teague, CEO of Nebula Global Services. “By adding ISO27001 to our suite of best practice certifications, we automatically deliver increased customer confidence and market advantage by demonstrating a strong security standpoint.”

The firm managed to get the certification three months ahead of schedule thanks to its existing approach to security.

Rob Morris, head of customer success and the ISO project lead at Nebula, said it recognised the importance of putting security as a priority.

“As a significant services partner in the channel value chain, it is imperative that Nebula can showcase best practice when it comes to identifying, managing and reducing risk when it comes to information security,” he said. “This certification not only validates our efforts to protect sensitive information, but also demonstrates our commitment to our customers, partners and stakeholders. As cyber threats continue to evolve, we will remain diligent in maintaining the highest standards of information security, and continually developing processes to protect our data and systems.”

Net-zero plans

The firm is looking to continue gathering more certifications to differentiate the business, with the target to gain ISO14001 by the end of the year to support its net-zero plans.

Others in the channel have also recognised the benefits of achieving ISO standards as a means of emphasising their security capabilities.

Earlier this year, virtual desktop specialist ebb3 gained ISO 27001:2022 certification to demonstrate its ability to safeguard sensitive data and defend against cyber risks.

“Receiving this certification validates the effectiveness of our information security management system and our ongoing efforts to continually improve our processes,” said Chris Brassington, CEO of ebb3.

“As we continue to evolve and innovate, maintaining the highest standards of information security will remain a top priority for ebb3.”

It’s not just ISO standards that the channel use to differentiate from the competition. Last month, risk management specialist NormCyber gained Microsoft’s security specialisation for Threat Protection and is promoting that achievement to customers.

“Achieving this coveted specialisation in Threat Protection from Microsoft is another key milestone for NormCyber, and is testament to the team’s technical capabilities and steadfast focus on service excellence,” said Paul Cragg, chief technology officer at NormCyber. “As one of just a handful of Microsoft partners with this specialisation in the UK, organisations know they can trust us to build and manage their security operations, and ultimately protect them from the most sophisticated of threats.”

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