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Espria emerges as an MSP targeting the digital workspace

Managed service provider unveils fresh brand after bringing two firms together earlier this summer

The managed service channel has a fresh name to get to grips with as Espria is launched into the market.

The firm has emerged out of the Connection Capital-backed Mode Solutions and eacs, which it acquired in June this year.

Espria will focus on digital workspace solutions, hybrid working and cloud comms, with the pitch being that customers can get all of the above from a single supplier.

The shift towards hybrid working has led to rising interest in digital workspace solutions and the technology that can support staff.

Alex Tupman, CEO of Espria, said the emergence of the freshly branded operation came at a time when customers were looking to the channel for help.

“Business leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, desperate to continue recovery, and on the other, facing economic uncertainty. How can organisations increase revenue and capitalise on opportunities at a time when they are financially constrained and facing a highly unpredictable future?” he said.

“The answer for many organisations is to actively outsource elements of their operations, allowing them time to focus on their customers to drive business forward, without major long-term investment or risk.”

Tupman said customers recognised the value that managed service providers could bring and were turning to them to solve a greater number of IT issues.

“IT outsourcing is now well established as a key driver of increased business agility and resilience,” he said. “Our unique offering, underpinned by a dynamic, fresh brand, brings together an extended range of digital solutions designed to help businesses power their digital transformation and workspace.”

He also acknowledged that the timing of the Espria launch was against a backdrop of rising inflation, a crash in sterling and fears about the cost of living. Those factors could also drive more spending from customers keen to unlock efficiencies.

“As we come out of one crisis, and now face cost-of-living challenges, companies are placing a higher reliance on tools to communicate and collaborate online to realise better value. In tandem, customer demands have pushed businesses to embrace new technologies, including hybrid working, which offer faster and more convenient experiences,” said Tupman.

“Many organisations struggle to deliver this effectively, which is why outsourcing has become the most viable option. Espria was born to address this challenge, bringing together best-in-class providers under a single brand,” he said.

“In essence, business leaders can focus on what matters most for them – managing built-up debt, reducing costs and growing revenues, safe in the knowledge their IT infrastructure is operating efficiently and securely.”

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