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Channel key to delivering Avaya Experience Builders

Comms player reacts to the increasing need from customers for better employee experiences, with an ecosystem approach that pulls together partners and developers

Avaya has pulled together partners, developers and its own services capabilities into an ecosystem that should make it easier for customers looking for help to deliver better workplace experiences for their staff.

The digital workplace has emerged as one of the key areas of concern, and investment from customers over the past few months as well as the Avaya Experience Builders approach should make it easier for customers to discover the support on offer from the vendor’s channel and developer community.

The offering kicks off with an ecosystem that can tap into 7,200 channel partners and their staff, and more than 32,000 firms in Avaya DevConnect. The firm is also able to reach out to a network of 154,000 registered developers and is leaning on more than 250 technology partners, which includes some that specifically focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Simon Harrison, CMO at Avaya, said that a different approach was needed for experiences, and the firm wanted to support customers as they adapted to a working world where the need for flexibility had increased.

The technology they will be leaning on includes Avaya’s Hybrid Cloud Services and its OneCloud comms and collaboration platform. Partners will be able to work with customers to make sure they get co-developed support to ensure they can develop tailored experiences, work on something new or use AI to enable workers to produce their own outcomes.

“How people feel about their interactions with companies is now more important than the products and services they buy, and every business must orchestrate memorable moments that shape customer and employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty,” said Jim Chirico, CEO of Avaya

“Enterprises are looking to Avaya for specific expertise in building those better experiences. They can’t be delivered with monolithic apps in a cloud world. They must be composable. Experience Builders can deliver the tailored, engaging and effortless communications and collaboration that enable businesses to create deeper relationships with customers and drive new sources of revenue,” he added.

The vendor’s channel network is being seen as a fundamental piece of the Experience Builders puzzle, with it being able to help the firm reach a wide global audience.

“With the introduction of Avaya Experience Builders, Avaya is recognising the need for businesses to expand their capabilities beyond their corporate walls to include partners, developers and even customers in an ecosystem creating AI-powered experiences,” said Zeus Kerravala from ZK Research.

“Avaya’s unique expertise, large set of technology partners, significant channel reach and huge global customer base represents one of the largest such ecosystems available today,” he added.

Earlier on 18 October, Softcat shared its report into the key tech priorities for customers, which ranked digital workplaces at the top of the list, followed by security and the need for increased digital infrastructure.

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