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Air IT makes another double acquisition

Managed service player likes to make two deals at a time and has added a couple more MSPs to its growing collection

Managed service provider (MSP) Air IT appears to like striking deals in pairs, having just made its fourth double acquisition in the space of a year.

The firm made two double acquisitions in October and December last year and another in March this year (see box). It has followed that pattern with deals to pick up Reading-based MFG UK and Uttoxeter-based Infinity IT Solutions Limited for undisclosed sums.

The rationale for Air IT’s latest purchases is to extend the company’s geographic reach, as well as adding more expertise to its MSP portfolio. The addition of the latest two businesses adds 270 staff to the group headcount and will give it more muscle in the south-east and the Midlands.

“Our aim is to be the go-to MSP and MSSP [managed security service provider] for SMEs across the UK, delivering a local service on a national scale. Welcoming exceptional talent to the group will help us achieve this,” said John Whitty, CEO of Air IT.

“Both MFG and Infinity are very similar to us in terms of their service maturity, product set, client type and, most importantly, culture – we are confident that they will be a great fit for Air IT and look forward to the contribution we know they will add,” he said.

In response, Mark Flinders, managing director of MFG, said the firm had been aware of the developing story at Air IT and seen it become a serious national player, targeting MSP services at the SME audience.

“Joining with the Air IT Group helps us in several ways. Our management team can grow further, our people will have more support and opportunities to extend their skills and experience, and our clients will benefit from the ever-growing services and technologies that form part of the new digital way of working,” he said.

That view was shared by Simon McAlpine, chief commercial officer at Infinity, who said Air IT was geographically close and had been on the radar.

“Air IT is relatively local to us in the Midlands so joining the group is an exciting step in our journey and we can’t wait to see what it brings,” he said. “Our range of IT, security and communications solutions is very similar to those delivered by Air IT and we can now further expand these services with a deeper level of experience.”

Air IT expands at the double

Air IT has been on a bit of a shopping spree since getting backing from August Equity in January 2020.

October 2020: It starts with deals to pick up London-based Netstar UK and Birmingham-based Microtrading.

December 2020: More MSPs are snapped up, with moves for Riverbank IT Management and Nexus GS.

March 2021: The firm adds Cheshire-based Concise Technologies and Kent-based InfoTech.

September 2021: MFG UK and Infinity IT Solutions are added to the fold.

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