Sabio continues down acquisition path with Team vision buy

Customer experience player looks to Spain for its latest acquisition opting to snap up fellow CX specialist Team vision

Customer Experience specialist Sabio has continued to use acquisition as a means of expanding its market position.

The firm has picked up Spanish CX player Team vision in a move that fits in with its ongoing strategy to pick up businesses with complementary skills.

The consumer experience market has been tipped as one of the growth areas for the years ahead and Sabio has been expanding its presence in the market through a combination of organic and inorganic growth over the past three and a half years.

Mike Andrews, Sabio VP Go to Market, said that it wanted to keep its organic growth invreasing at a double-digit rate but accepted that there were benefits from buying in expertise and market coverage.

"Since 2016 we have made a number of acquisitions and the latest is Team vision, which is a leading customer experience engagement solution provider," he said.

He added that any acquisition had to fulfil either adding similar skills and customers to add more market coverage or provided technology that augmented what Sabio already delivered to the market.

"Team vision is well respected and well established as a customer experience player in its region," he added.

Team vision’s deputy managing director Gabriel Rodriguez said that it had attributes that appealed to Sabio.

“With an impressive customer portfolio, valuable human resources and successful track record in delivering Genesys-powered customer experience solutions, Team vision will be a great acquisition for Sabio Group,” he said.

Andrews said that the market for customer experience solutions and services was looking strong as 2020 lay ahead.

"Really all businesses are having to look at customer experience as a key differentiator. It is one of the few differentiators that customers still retain full control of in an increasingly competitive market," he said.

“There is increased focus in this area and we have seen that spreading over a number of years. I’m not sure there are that many organisations that are dismissing customer experience,” he added.

 Andrews said that the prospects for the year ahead technically were also interesting with AI becoming more useful in helping firms deliver customised personal content for customer

A series of deals

With the backing of Horizon Capital, the Team vision acquisition adds to a list of deals struck in the past few years:

SaaS solutions provider Rapport was snapped upin March 2017, DatapointEurope, a contact centre technology provider, followed in July 2017. The next year saw contact centre benchmarking experts Bright UK bought in March and flexAnswer Solutions, the Singapore-based provider of virtual assistant solutions in December 2018. Last year saw a couple of deals stuck in January with Sabio gaining Spain-based WFO and speech Analytics specialist Callware in January 2019.

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