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Cancom adds more depth to UK operation with Novosco

Belfast-based dealer becomes part of Cancom's UK operations as German firm continues to invest in the market

Having decided last summer that it wanted to return to the UK after a seven year absence when it focused on its native Germany, Cancom has made an acquisition of another MSP.

Last August, Cancom acquired OCSL to act as a UK hub, which followed hot on the heels of the move last March to buy UCC and managed services player Ocean Intelligent Communications.

Novosco has now been added to the shopping spree bringing on board an operation that has a headquarters in Belfast and further offices in Dublin and Daresbury, near Manchester, plus 300 staff.

The channel player was founded by Patrick McAliskey and John Lennon and is being seen as Cancom as an opportunity to expand even further into the UK as well as getting a foothold into the Irish market.

The two founders put out a joint statement proclaiming the deal to be a positive development for both firms.

“This is a hugely positive and exciting development for Novosco, our people, our customers and the communities in which we operate, bringing together two companies with very complementary expertise and very similar cultures, ambitions and outlooks," said McAliskey and Lennon.

Novosco sells to a number of public, private and voluntary sector customers, with some NHS Trusts and housing associations on that list.

“Cancom is a world-class business with a global reach that sees the addition of Novosco’s people, expertise and customer-base as a core part of its strategy for growth. The combined specialisms, resources and skills of the two businesses creates a very strong platform from which to further enhance the service we provide to our existing clients and to challenge for new and exciting contracts," he added.

For Lennon there will also be an opportunity to be a part of those changes by becoming joint-managing director of Cancom UK, working alongside Martin Hess. McAliskey, currently managing director of Novosco, will continue to be a shareholder of and advisor to Cancom UK.

Thomas Volk, CEO of Cancom, said that the product portfolio and expertise that Novosco held would complement its UK business.

"Virtually all Novosco customers have no business connection to us yet. In addition, the transaction gives us direct market access in Ireland for the first time, and around 300 specialist staff and a highly profitable business will join Cancom. We are very excited about this acquisition," he added.

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