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Many in the UK channel looking at international expansion

The idea of setting up a bridgehead overseas appeals to a fair few people in the channel

Brexit is expected to have an impact on channel growth plans at a time when a significant number of resellers are looking to increase the revenues coming from overseas.

Research from Agilitas IT Solutions found that 52% of UK channel firms were looking to expand internationally but a fifth felt that leaving the EU would hit their plans.

Aside from Europe the other destinations being looked at included the Middle East, Africa and North America. A third of respondents also revealed an interest in looking at opportunities in South America.  Two-thirds of those channel firms that were quizzed revealed that they were already operating in the APAC region.

As well as being motivated by a desire to find fresh territories for growth there had also been an increase in international collaboration as firms try to find a workaround the skills crisis.

Although the vendors have made programmes and technology available to work across a global customer base those pondering a move are keeping a close eye on how much user interest has actually been stirred up. 41% of decision makers said that a lack of demand had held them back from grabbing the wallet, passport and heading for the airport.

“This wave of positivity is extremely encouraging for raising the profile of UK companies, that recognise the strength and opportunity in forming a collective global channel hub. However, decision makers are remaining realistic and not getting caught up in the hype. This is why many are choosing to focus on their core market, ensuring they are meeting the needs of their customer base before scaling,” said Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas.

“A mainly prosperous economic landscape, allied to an increased number of industry collaborations, is increasing turnover, allowing businesses to analyse how they can stimulate this further in new markets," he added.

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