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Channel getting the transformation message

Research from Agilitas IT has found that an increasing number of resellers are going through a transformation process

Digital transformation is not just a process that customers are going through and the channel is also using technology to change the way it operates.

The motivation for making changes is similar to those expressed by customers with the motivation being around getting access to agility and efficiencies and an opportunity to unlock more business insights.

Agilitas IT has been sharing findings from its Channel in 2020 campaign and the focus on the transformation is the last piece of that process.

When asked if business transformation is essential in order to meet customer requirements 68% of resellers agreed it was and 15% have already started to make changes and 28% are starting to go down that path.

“In the uncertain times we live in, it is critical that channel decision makers embrace Transformation, ensuring that their businesses have the agility and flexibility needed to properly leverage new technologies and adapt to different business approaches,” said Richard Eglon, marketing director of Agilitas. “The results of our research make it clear that the vast majority of channel businesses understand the importance of transformation, and most are already taking steps to implement it.”

“It perhaps goes without saying that in order to make the most of a company’s people, finance and technology, and business models of disruption, innovation, collaboration, globalisation, and relevance, that company must be able to evolve and make changes to its current ways of doing business. You can have all the good intentions to adopt these approaches to business, but without the ability to be agile and transform, they are meaningless," he added.

A few years ago the channel was warned by Gartner that it needed to go through a transformation process itself in order to convince customers it believed in the benefits of making changes.

Gartner stated that users were looking for 'bimodal' providers that can service existing IT as well as drive the business forward with new solutions.

Channel in 2020

Some of the other highlights from the Agilitas IT report included:

• 81% of decision-makers surveyed said that the relentless development of technology, and changing customer requirements, had encouraged business transformation within their business.
• 65% of companies surveyed that have undergone or are undergoing a transformational shift have had a change of business model or a change in their strategic short term and long-term objectives.
• 60% of the channel businesses surveyed said that technology vendors are providing them with the necessary support to transform their business at the speed they require.
• 47% of respondents said it was the senior management team leading transformation within customers’ businesses.


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