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Setting up a business is like jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet

When he decided to set up his own business the IBC Group it reminded Ian Birch of the feelings he had when skydiving

Following the Japanese tsunami of 2011, three colleagues and I registered for a fundraising skydive. I knew jumping out of a plane would be unlike any challenge I’d done before.

Surprisingly, signing up to the skydive turned out to be the hardest part. It would have been far easier for the opportunity to pass me by and to simply sign up for another sponsored bike ride instead.

As the jump drew nearer, moments of doubt and concern at the thought of the task ahead started to cross my mind. However, on the day of the jump, the safety briefing reassured me that the chances of something going wrong were statistically small.

And so it was that I found myself shuffling towards the open plane door at 12,000 feet with an odd sense of calm.

I just needed to take that one final step. This was something I was ready to embrace and enjoy!

Phil Duley

Signing Up

What is he on about you might reasonably ask?

Writing this post in the lead up to the launch of IBC Group, the feelings I’m experiencing now are similar to those I associate with the skydive.

Leaving the safety of permanent employment and starting a business feels like I’m embarking on an epic challenge. I believe that biting the bullet and leaving my job will be one of the hardest decisions I ever have to make.

But I’ve learnt to trust my gut instinct. It’s telling me this is the right time to give the start-up my all. To reflect on my career with a sense of pride, this is something I need to do.

Nerves vs Excitement

Of course I’m not silly enough to think this will be easy. It’s impossible to truly know the full extent of the challenges that lie ahead when starting a business.

I was buoyed by the reaction as I shared my vision for the future with close friends and family. Many evenings were spent reading articles and books about the highs and lows of starting a business.

Taking all this into consideration, I feel ready to embark on the roller-coaster ride which is imminent.

As launch day approaches, nerves and apprehension play second fiddle to an overwhelming feeling of excitement. Again, similar to the skydive, there is a sense of calm. I’m hopeful this continues during 2018 and beyond.

One Final Step

So I find myself metaphorically shuffling towards the open plane door once more. The formal process of setting up my business is complete. The website is built. My services are defined and documented. The press releasehas been written and is ready for distribution.

I’m ready to work as hard as it takes to make IBC Group a success and have confidence my venture will deliver for my clients as well as for my family.

I just need to take that one final step. Starting a business is something I am ready to embrace and enjoy!

If you’d like to watch my skydive, please find the video here.

To contact us about how we can help with Insight, Automation and Compliance services, please click here.

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