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SonicWall offers MSPs access to increased range of services

Security player arms partners with access to European-based SOC that will help them deal with EU compliance regulations

SonicWall has cut the ribbon on a managed security services offering to enable its partners to be on the right side of European compliance regulations.

With the DORA regulations on the horizon, the vendor has established an SOC for its MSSPs to lean on that supports regional partners that want threat detection and response capabilities.

“The EU is leading the way globally on cyber resilience to protect its economic interests with DORA,” said SonicWall vice-president of EMEA Spencer Starkey.

“SonicWall’s new SOC is physical proof we’re onboard ahead of this important new regulatory reality,” he added. “We know attackers work internationally and not just nine to five. Now our partners can offer ultra-fast, local response capabilities with EU data residency starting today.”

The expectation is that the service will be used by partners across the EU as well as in the UK, and is being described as the latest in a number of supportive moves SonicWall has made towards its channel in the past few months.

“Within the past year, SonicWall made a commitment to its global partners that it would take an endpoint-agnostic and flexible approach tailored to their unique journeys – we delivered that in February,” said SonicWall CEO and President Bob VanKirk.

“Building on this commitment, we’re now introducing managed security services, an EMEA-based SOC, and a suite of additional tools and resources essential for our partners’ success,” he added. “Our establishment of an EMEA-based SOC with European data residency further strengthens our promise to empower partners with local expertise and rapid response capabilities, crucial for effective client protection amidst Europe's ever-evolving cyber security landscape.”

Pledge upheld

VanKirk said that in addition to the SOC support for MSSPs, the firm has also upheld its pledge to partners with the recent launch of its MDR for Capture Client, Sentinel One and Microsoft Defender.

SonicWall chief strategy officer Matt Neiderman said the firm had identified an issue that mattered to its channel, moved to resolve it and had already received a positive response from its channel.

“We listened to our community and delivered solutions that will dramatically impact their businesses, and the feedback we received at Elevate 2024 [the partner event held in Lisbon last week] was overwhelmingly positive,” he said. “Our commitment to empowering our partners with a platform of modern solutions designed to help them grow their business is evident in both EMEA and around the globe, and we will continue to enhance the solutions and tools they need to sustain this current momentum.”

The vendor also shared a response from Moritz Freiherr von Schwerin, chief technology officer of partner Data-Sec, who emphasised the value of a European-based SOC.

“Having a European-based SOC is pivotal for ensuring compliance with stringent regulations like GDPR and DORA,” he said. “It not only strengthens our ability to protect sensitive data and uphold privacy standards, but also enables us to provide localised, agile responses to emerging cyber security threats specific to our region.”

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