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SonicWall’s US MSSP acquisition will benefit UK channel

Vendor’s move to add more services will ripple out to this side of the Atlantic

SonicWall has dipped a toe in the mergers and acquisitions waters for the first time in a decade, choosing a managed security services partner (MSSP) as its target.

The security vendor has acquired US-based Solutions Granted to bolster its position through the provision of security operations centre (SOC) services and a range of other options, including managed detection and response (MDR).

Solutions Granted has been selling its range of security services to hundreds of managed service providers (MSPs) and will arm SonicWall with the chance to provide that support to a wider partner base.

Although the acquisition target is on the other side of the Atlantic, the deal is expected to benefit UK channel partners.

“The benefits that will follow the acquisition of Solutions Granted will extend beyond the US, offering SOC services to the EMEA region,” said Spencer Starkey, vice-president of EMEA at SonicWall.

“Following the acquisition’s successful establishment in the US, our aim is to target Q2 2024 for the expansion of SOC services into Europe. During the early stages of integration planning, we will be assessing and scoping out opportunities in other regions, such as APJ and LatAm, to maximise our offerings to our partners,” he added.

A desire to meet customer demands has been behind the rationale of the deal, and SonicWall president and CEO Bob VanKirk said it was responding to trends in the market.

“This is a win for SonicWall’s portfolio. The combination of SonicWall and Solutions Granted will help partners address the demands of providing cyber security solutions to clients around the world”
Dan Browne, president of DTM Consulting

“IT teams have turned to MDR and other managed services to identify and triage digital threats – it’s a critical need we are now excited to offer,” he said.

“Together, SonicWall and Solutions Granted will empower cyber security and technology service providers with economical threat defence solutions and extend a world-class, comprehensive portfolio that streamlines managing security across customer environments with automated threat detection and response services,” he added.

The move for an MSSP has support from one SonicWall partner, at least, which viewed it as an ideal opportunity to provide access to a wider range of services.

“Having been a SonicWall partner for over 20 years, and also having experience with Solutions Granted’s MDR and other managed services, this is a win for SonicWall’s portfolio,” said Dan Browne, president of DTM Consulting, an MSP and long-time SonicWall and Solutions General partner.

“In this economic climate, vendors need to be as flexible as ever to help us provide solutions to combat the ever-escalating threat landscape faced by managed service providers. The combination of SonicWall and Solutions Granted will help partners address the demands of providing cyber security solutions to clients around the world,” he added.

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