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Mid-market customers feeling ignored and mis-sold

Research from Microsoft partner Advania has revealed that users are struggling with legacy tech, management headaches and a lack of support from vendors

Mid-market customers are wasting money on the wrong technology mix and are struggling to find a way out of the situation.

That is the concerning conclusion of research from Microsoft partner Advania, which has lifted the lid on the challenges facing one of the channel’s key customer bases.

The firm, working with Censuswide, quizzed mid-market customers across the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

The overarching message from decision-makers at those businesses should be a wake-up call for the industry, with many expressing frustration they were being ignored and being sold technology that did not meet their business needs.

Digging deeper into the areas of frustration, the Advania survey revealed that many customers were using outdated software, making management of the tech stack a difficult task that was demanding an increasing amount of the budget. A third of those quizzed also indicated they were overspending on licensing fees.

A picture emerged of mid-market IT teams struggling with old technology, fragmented systems and inefficient processes that were costing too much and delivering a poor result.

Although many customers were aware they were spending too much on the wrong technology, many did not know how to make changes and reduce costs.

Dealing with reduced budget is a reality in the mid-market, particularly after a tough 2023, and there is a desire by many users to get more suitable technology and reduce costs.

Many mid-market firms felt that many of the big tech companies offered a transactional, rather than supportive, relationship, and many felt they were being pitched point products instead of solutions.

“Our research sheds light on a perceived disconnect between mid-market organisations and big tech, which means many mid-market organisations are failing to realise the transformative potential of big tech solutions,” said Dan Coleby, director of client technology value at Advania.

“This research report uncovers the hidden truths of the mid-market and prevents them from feeling overlooked, undervalued and encumbered”
Hege Støre, Advania Group

He suggested that the channel had a lot of the answers that customers were looking for and could help solve some of the frustrations.

“Bundled products and services can streamline operations, optimise costs and accelerate growth for mid-market companies. Harnessing this potential requires strategic direction and expert implementation, which is where trusted technology partners play a crucial role in assessing the tech you use – and don’t use – today,” he added.

Even before it undertook the research, the channel player had anecdotal evidence that a sizeable portion of mid-market customers were in a quandary when it came to getting the most out of their technology estate.

“The mid-market organisations we work for often feel like they are forced into tough choices. Compete for in-house IT talent against better known businesses or outsource to IT services companies? Invest in enterprise-level software bundles or seek best-of-breed solutions that may require more support and integration?” stated Advania Group CEO Hege Støre.

“At Advania, our goal is to understand, so that we can better support the mid-market players at the core of our economies. This research report uncovers the hidden truths of the mid-market and prevents them from feeling overlooked, undervalued and encumbered,” he added.

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