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Security vendors ramp up MSP support

Check Point, Acronis, Malwarebytes and ManageEngine increase options for managed service providers

The volume of sales that flows through managed service providers (MSPs) is only set to grow, and vendors have continued to increase the support they can provide those offering subscription services.

The past couple of days have seen moves by Check Point, Acronis, Malwarebytes and ManageEngine to increase the support they offer to MSPs.

Check Point has decided the time is right to enhance its MSSP Partner Programme with simplified onboarding, access to pay-as-you-go finance models and increased training and support.

“MSSPs have a big opportunity to capitalise on the demand for their services, but they face their own challenges in a rapidly changing world,” said Shahar Divon, head of global SMB sales at Check Point Software Technologies.

“At the operational level, these teams spend too much time handling hundreds of alerts daily, tying up resources that could be better spent on more urgent requests,” added Divon. “That is where our MSSP Partner Programme can deliver real value, not only for those that have security as a practice, but also MSPs that are looking for ways to protect their customers.”

Acronis has also stepped up the education it can provide the channel with the launch of its MSP Academy.

The firm has a track record that stretches back a decade providing support to partners through its Acronis Academy, but the latest offering will focus specifically on helping managed service providers with marketing and business advice.

Increases in revenue

The firm shared numbers that indicated those that had tapped into the Academy had seen results, with significant increases in revenues from selling the vendor’s products.

“MSP Academy offers a customised education experience, allowing learners to explore specific topics or follow a structured learning path,” said Jon McCarrick, director of evangelism at Acronis. “The rapidly evolving technology and business landscape requires ongoing learning, and MSP Academy is designed to support the growing needs of MSPs.”

As well as rolling out increased education and MSP programmes, the other activity that improves life for partners is ensuring they have the right technology to sell.

ManageEngine has cut the ribbon on its Endpoint Central MSP Cloud, which brings together the benefits of a hosted environment with RMM of endpoints so partners are armed with the ability to provide remote monitoring for users.

The release marks the latest stage in the vendor’s move towards developing a unified platform for MSPs.

“This cloud release enables service providers to focus on addressing their clients’ IT challenges and growing their businesses without the worry of operational complexities,” said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, vice-president of ManageEngine.

“Endpoint Central MSP Cloud delivers RMM capabilities for endpoints, enabling MSPs to automate everyday management and security tasks and allowing them to be available to help clients with their real-time requirements,” he added.

Product range launch

For Malwarebytes, the focus is on ensuring MSPs have the right technology to pitch, with the firm launching its ThreatDown product range.

The technology, which was formerly known as Malwarebytes for Business, pulls together the vendor’s data protection offerings, which are being made available to partners and MSPs.

“ThreatDown reflects what we provide our customers – powerfully simple endpoint security that takes down threat levels, without interrupting business,” said Marcin Kleczynski, founder and CEO of Malwarebytes.

“ThreatDown is about reducing the attack surface area as well as avoiding headaches and bringing down costs. We know cyber security can be complicated. Our goal is to remove the complexity for our partners and customers so they can gain peace of mind knowing they have a trusted expert in their corner.” 

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