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Malwarebytes makes MSP programme available

Security vendor becomes the latest to reach out to the managed services community as a way of increasing its SME business

It has become clear that one of the most active parts of the security channel is around embracing the managed services community. Vendors are looking to make sure they have the tools to attract managed service providers (MSPs) that are looking for the security piece of a larger services jigsaw.

Recent months have seen numerous moves by vendors to improve their hosted technology and develop programmes that would appeal to MSPs. Malwarebytes has become the latest to go down that path and has been ambitious in not only rolling out an MSP programme, but accompanying it with some enhancements to its cloud platform.

The security player hopes to arm its current partners with increased support and greater hosted technology options and make itself attractive to MSPs that have yet to make a choice on the security vendor front.

Malwarebytes’ MP3 managed service programme has been running on a limited basis, but is now ready to go out into general release and is being made available in the UK. It provides a tiered approach that partners can take out to customers, with flexible licensing options.

The security player has accompanied the MP3 launch with its OneView operations console. Its broad aim is to give partners the tools they need to reach out to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customer base with management tools that make it easier to bring fresh customers on board, offering licensing and billing tools as well as providing the ability to perform global policy setting and remote access control.

Malwarebytes is also offering the managed service customer base its Ransomware Rollback feature, which enables MSPs to turn back the clock to a time before an attack struck, so they can avoid potential havoc.

At the same time, the platform, Malwarebytes Nebula, has added a number of enterprise features designed to appeal to users who are struggling to fend off security threats. It provides cloud delivery and management across Incidence Response, Endpoint Protection, and Endpoint Detection and Response.

The MP3 programme and Nebula enhancements add to a growing number of offerings from security vendors pitched at the managed services community. This week alone there have been moves by McAfee and Digital Guardian to provide managed response services as options for those looking to add security services to their list of services.

Akshay Bhargava, chief product officer at Malwarebytes, said the MSP channel community is becoming an ever more important way to reach customers. “We see more businesses shifting their security needs to MSPs in order to better address the rapidly evolving threat landscape,” he said.

“Our enhanced Malwarebytes Nebula platform and MSP offerings mean that our partners can better protect their customers. Enhanced operational controls and reporting ensure these businesses have a strong posture against threats and can recover with minimal downtime in the event of a breach.”

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