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Babble makes another double swoop

Comms player likes to order doubles, and has made another couple of acquisitions to keep its list of deals growing further

It has been a couple of months since serial acquirer Babble made its last double acquisition, and the cloud comms player has repeated that with another pair of deals.

Back in July, the firm swooped for Wakefield-based technology provider Yorkshire Telecom/Biscuit IT, as well as Basildon-based mobile services provider ADSI.

This time around, the targets were Salisbury-based Berry Telecom, and Cavendish communications Group, which operates out of Newhaven. Both have a strong background in comms, security and networking, and will add greater depth to Babble’s portfolio.

These two deals take the running total of acquisitions made by Babble to 21 since 2019, and take it to six so far this year. That has put it on a footing that gave it £40m revenues last year and a widening coverage of the UK.

Berry comes with 1,700 customers, and Gamma, Microsoft and Mitel partner Cavendish has 700, which will now be targeted with additional services – but it also adds more reach for Babble in the South and South West.

“Berry and Cavendish have a strong track record of providing their customers with an exceptional level of service,” said Matt Parker, Babble CEO. “Where we will add value is bringing even more innovation and variety with the technology we can offer.

“We’re delighted to welcome more great talent into Babble, and together we can evolve the technology estates of our new customers to enable them to grow faster and more securely,” he added.

Babble: The most acquisitive company

Babble’s buy-and-build strategy, which has seen it acquire 17 firms in the space of five years, landed it the title of being the most acquisitive technology company last year. It was given that reputation for its 2021 activity.

At the end of 2020, Babble got investment from Graphite Capital, and it didn’t take long for that relationship to bear fruit.

January 2021: The year starts with the addition of UItracomms to the Babble family, a move that will be echoed throughout 2021 to add more technology depth and greater national coverage.

February 2021: Deal number two comes in the shape of Activ Technology.

March 2021: The third deal of the year sees the firm move for 81G Blue.

April 2021: Babble brings on board fully managed communications-as-a-service player Sesui.

August 2021: Two deals – Concert and 5 Rings – add more coverage of the northwest and south coast.

September 2021: Dumfries-based IT and comms player 8020 is acquired.

October 2021: Babble makes a double swoop, gaining more coverage in the north-east and Scotland with Digital Communications Systems and Halo Communications.

May 2022: Babble picks up Stockport and Ellesmere Port-based IT and telecoms solution provider, Active.

July 2022: A double swoop for Yorkshire Telecom/Biscuit IT, as well as Basildon-based mobile services provider ADSI.

September 2022: Adds to the list Salisbury-based Berry Telecom and Cavendish communications Group, which operates out of Newhaven.

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