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What does the emergence of Trellix mean for the channel?

The combined forces of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye should provide opportunities for partners, states Trellix’s CRO

Security company Trellix has emerged from the merger of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye with plans to carve out a strong position in the extended detection and response (XDR) market.

The fresh start following the merger struck last autumn is clearly interesting for customers, but it also has consequences for channel partners of the organisations involved.

Adam Philpott, chief revenue officer (CRO) at Trellix, answered MicroScope’s questions around the consequences for the channel and the opportunities that the launch of the new player should provide.

What does this mean for the channel?

Adam Philpott: All of our customers, no matter the industry they operate in, are focused on their own digitisation efforts to streamline, and improve internal processes. This increasing reliance on technology, although essential, increases the attack vector and level of risk. As we launch in the channel as Trellix, we’re being really focused with our approach and concentrating on the opportunities presented by XDR.

This approach to cyber security means that organisations can learn and adapt their defences through a living security platform, built to disrupt today’s most sophisticated active cyber attacks. The relevancy of our solutions, combined with our focus, will help make our channel programmes as lucrative as possible for our partners.

As part of the new organisation, we have also combined our commercial and channel organisation. This allows great alignment between our demand generation engine as a part of our partner engagement capabilities, with partners leveraging and benefiting from this fantastic resource.

Are the channel efforts also lined up in unison?

Philpott: We expect the two channel teams to be fully integrated before the end of the first half of 2022.

In the meantime, we’re currently working across each other’s partners and helping bring everything together as we unify offerings. Most partners, for instance, are looking to increase and evolve their service offerings and participate in the delivery of our managed services offering.

We’re also encouraging customers to work across the entire Trellix portfolio as one service offering. There are instances, however, when our partners might want to focus on the likes of DLP [data loss prevention] and then look to partner with other providers to offer other elements of the Trellix portfolio. We’re fully invested and supportive of them adapting their approach.

Is the hope that a fresh branding will also attract fresh interest and grow your channel?

Philpott: We don’t believe that fresh branding will drive growth alone. Instead, we genuinely believe that our native and open XDR ecosystem – which combines the best of our endpoint, email, network, cloud, and security operations capabilities into a single platform – will be the primary driver of growth across the channel.

In addition to this, we are continuously offering new solutions leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced telemetry based on threat intelligence from more than one billion sensors across our enterprise and government customer bases.

Trellix also offers an open, interoperable platform approach to cyber security, allowing customers to implement the specific defensive technologies they need to protect their unique businesses and operations. These elements set us apart from our competitors and will help grow our business across the channel.

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