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Exclusive Networks extends F5 relationship globally

Distributor will get the chance to handle the vendor’s portfolio on a worldwide basis

Exclusive Networks has continued to build on its position as a global distribution partner, with another vendor opting to lean on the channel player.

Last week, the firm extended its relationship with Juniper Networks to a global one, and it has followed that up with a similar arrangement with F5 Networks.

Exclusive has been working with F5 in 18 countries, but it will now take things global as it brings the vendor into North America, as well as deeper into Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

F5 started life in the network performance and application delivery space, but in recent years it has moved well beyond that to provide more security and insight capabilities.

Andy Travers, executive vice-president of worldwide sales and marketing at Exclusive Networks, said that going global with the relationship was a thumbs-up for the distributor’s track record with the vendor.

“From a technology perspective, we’re embracing the same moves to secure cloud-native architectures and AI/ML [artificial intelligence/machine learning] innovation, while commercially we’re both aligned on the huge opportunities around new consumption models and increased subscription-based revenue,” he said.

“Extending global coverage and reach will take us to the next level, particularly around the enhanced product set,” said Travers. “This is where we see new kinds of partners being attracted to the F5 proposition and benefiting from our specialist expertise to become further empowered and enabled. Similarly, we’re committed to onboarding and energising existing F5 partners to extend opportunities around solutions that may be new to them.”

Delivering more business

In response, Lisa Citron, vice-president of global channel sales at F5, said it was expecting Exclusive to build on the relationship and deliver even more business globally.

“At F5 we understand that modern apps are being decentralised, resulting in a broader threat surface with an attractive ROI for hackers,” she said. “Our customers require trusted digital experiences across all types of environments, with strategic distribution partners filling a valuable role.

“Given the ever-changing landscape of modern app development, distribution partners like Exclusive Networks provide F5 with greater outreach opportunities within the DevOps space,” said Citron.

One of the expectations that Exclusive’s senior management had when the firm went through its recent IPO was that it would be seen as a global channel player and leant on more by vendors looking for worldwide coverage.

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