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Intel unifies partner programmes

Vendor hoping simplicity and increased support in a fresh partner programme will benefit its channel

Some of the constants in the channel, pandemic or not, include consolidation, executives moving roles and the launch of fresh partner programmes. The first week back has included examples of all three, with Intel readying the channel for a Partner Alliance launch.

The chip giant is rolling out its Intel Partner Alliance from Monday 11 January, with efforts having gone into making it easier for the channel to take advantage of online tools with a redesigned portal.

Intel has followed the example of quite a few vendors, with plans to unify disparate programmes and to bolster the support it can give online. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, partner demand for training has increased substantially.

Key among the enhancements is the decision to add the Intel Partner University and Solutions Marketplace to the portal and to unify all of its programmes under one umbrella, bringing together long-standing programmes, including Technology Provider, IOT Solutions Alliance and Cloud Insider.

The vendor is expanding its partner types, including cloud service provider, independent software vendor (ISV), distributor, and service integrator, to make it easier for the channel to identify each other across the ecosystem and increase collaboration.

There are also plans to personalise the experience more using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, which should improve the experience for partners. The vendor will also increase the rewards and incentives on offer to the channel.

From Monday, Intel partners will be able to log into the portal to activate their accounts and start to explore what’s on offer. The vendor is also holding some webcasts next week to guide the channel through the changes.      

Intel is stressing that the enhancements and changes have been made to encourage collaboration and to focus on making sure the channel gets the best customer experience possible by streamlining programmes and having a more customised and flexible approach.

“The new Intel Partner Alliance will better reflect the diversity of business models among partners and give them the opportunity to maximise programme benefits,” said Eric Thompson, Intel general manager of global partner enablement.

“We appreciate each of our partners for their continued collaboration to bring new technologies to life for our customers across the world,” he added.

What’s on offer through the Intel Partner Alliance

New partner types: Expansion of the types of partner roles, including field-programmable gate array design services, cloud service provider, independent software vendor, distributor, manufacturer, solution provider, original equipment manufacturer and service integrator.

Intel Partner University: More training for partners to increase their expertise.

Personalised experiences: More personalised content using AI on rewards, training or products.

Benefits: Expansion of the rewards system to simplify and increase benefits and rewards.

Intel Solutions Marketplace: New opportunities for partner connections and match-making, lead generation and management, and storefront monitoring.

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