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Home working shift triggers eacs support extension

MSP moves to ensure it can help customers whenever they choose to reach out to the channel player for help

The response to Covid-19 has caused widespread changes to normal working patterns and, as a result, the impact is being felt in the managed services world as customers seek more support.

MSP eacs has decided that given the increasing demands of users, the time is right to launch a 24/7 service model in a move that could give others in that market sector food for thought.

The firm has seen its customer base react to the coronavirus by demanding more levels of support and, given a recent refinancing deal, eacs is in a position to meet those changing market conditions.

Last month, the business was able to secure a multimillion-pound refinance deal working with broker Knight Capital Funding and corporate lender Shawbrook Bank. The money is not only being used to refinance an existing facility, but also to upsize the debt on more favourable terms to help the firm invest in initiatives such as the extension of support.

“The world of work has shifted, and the expectations of businesses have transformed dramatically over the past few months,” said Kevin Timms, chairman and chief executive of eacs. “The driver here has been Covid and many of our clients are now beginning to investigate new ways of working, as exemplified by the rise in working from home. However, with greater flexibility in operations and working hours come additional challenges to many businesses as they seek to support their staff, both operationally and personally.”

A common experience of remote working is that staff are choosing to work longer hours and, as a result, are using IT systems outside the traditional times when support would be offered. Many expect to do this for the foreseeable future as a portion of the workforce chooses more flexible working as a future option.

Timms said customers were already telling the channel player that they wanted it to deliver more support going forward.

“A switch to a 24/7 service model has always been a long-term aspiration and target for the business and has now become much more important to us,” he said. “Traditional core IT support hours are simply no longer sufficient to support the modern employee or working practices, as expectations have changed drastically as a result of the pandemic.”

Timms said eacs had always intended to take its support “to the next level”, but the current needs of customers had made it act now in order to provide faster responses.

“By providing our customers with a more comprehensive level of support, we can ensure we are satisfying the increasing demand for, and optimisation of, our services,” he said, adding that the firm’s own staff would also benefit.

“The decision to move to a 24/7 model has our customers and their interests at its very core. However, it will also enable eacs to provide our employees with even more flexibility, allowing them to work the hours they want to work and support a work-life balance choice.”

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