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Cyxtera building channel base

As the business evolves and becomes increasingly indirect the data and security player is keen to work with more resellers

Data centre and security player Cyxtera has indicated its doors are open to signing more channel partners as it continues to develop its indirect model.

Like most young firms the business, which is two and half years old, started selling direct but it is increasingly moving indirect and has taken steps to ensure that the channel is bought into its direct sales.

Kurt Glazemakers, CTO, software-defined perimeter at Cyxtera, said that it had been gaining momentum and had now got a solid story to tell potential partners and was now in a position to start developing its channel.

The firm grew out of six businesses coming together, including Cryptzone, Easy Solutions, Catbird, and Brainspace plus CenturyLink's network of 57 data centres, and he added that it would have been difficult going out to partners earlier, when it was still developing its own proposition.

"It has taken us a couple of years to get there but we have got the right enterprise volumes," he said.

He said that on the data centre side of the business it had a lot of channel interest and cyber security, protecting information, was also an area where there was plenty of growth for those that started working with the firm.

As well as pitching the channel with a fresh vendor to work with the firm is also keen to appeal to those that are looking to consolidate their security products.

Glazemakers said that the reaction from users to threats had developed organically, with users filling in holes with solutions as they appeared, but consolidation was long overdue.

"These things take time and we have not seen it in the security industry yet," he added "If you are a reseller then you just can't keep adding more products to the portfolio. You have to work with a more efficient model."

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