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Ethos Technology building on Pure signing

Distributor has landed a relationship with Pure Storage and is looking to build on that moment over the rest of 2019

Ethos Technology is looking to build on its recent signing of Pure Storage and increase its UK headcount and revenue growth and over the second half of this year.

The firm is looking to take a different approach to distribution, working with firms in Silicon valley for a period of time before bringing the products to the UK market.

Ethos Technology CEO Omar Galbraith said that it would make another vendor signing this year but the focus would largely be on developing customer relationships and reaching out to more reseller partners.

The distie has a team of 14 account managers, which is set to rise to 20, that talk to customers and generate leads that can be taken to its reseller partners.

Galbraith said that it had been talking to Pure for a while but wanted to make sure that when it inked a deal it would be in a position to deliver something different for the vendor.

"We started talking to Pure a while ago and we told them that we would be doing something special," he added, 'We want to add value for Pure Storage."

Matthieu Brignone, area VP EMEA partners, Pure Storage, said that it had always been careful when considering who to work with in the channel.

"We are concentrating on scaling while remaining focused on innovation, so our customers can put their data to work. To do this we need to have the right distribution partners, with the right skills, drive and commitment. We’re excited to work with Ethos in the UK to do just that," he said.

Pure will not be the last signing this year and Ethos is playing a long game in terms of identifying future prospects.

"We are talking to companies that are still in stealth mode and we can talk to those companies and work with them but we are not going to be able to launch for 18 months," said Galbraith.

"Our plan is to have eight to ten vendors and we have got one more signing this year but we are looking to grow the team and concentrate on the vendors we have already got," he added.

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