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Ethos Technology adds DataCore to the portfolio

Distributor continues to expand its vendor roster adding storage player to the mix

Channel player Ethos Technology has followed on from its recent signing of Pure Storage by adding DataCore to the portfolio . 

The firm has been developing its position coming to distribution with a slightly different approach, working with firms in Silicon valley for a period of time before bringing the products to the UK market. 

DataCore is giving Ethos access to its software-defined storage range, which is increasingly being pitched into hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. 

Although DataCore does not quite fit that description, being an established storage player, the feeling was that a relationship with Ethos would help rejuvenate its relationships with resellers. 

Adam Worthington, co-founder and CTO of Ethos Technology, said that it felt there were opportunities to bring some value to the Datacore channel and had ambitions to deliver more success for the vendor. 

He added that it had been its second storage signing but that was largely down to the activity in that market. “If you look at the types of problems that IT departments are dealing with a need to understand the data”. 

Worthington added that the plans were on track to add another vendor before the end of the year as the distributor continued to build up its presence. But he added that the door was not open to just anyone and the relationships had to fit into its approach and there had to be a clear opportunity for the channel. 

“We say no a lot more than we say yes and the vast majority of people in the industry have now heard of us,” he said. 

Ethos emerged because it felt that there were needs in the market that were not being catered for by current options and Worthington said that it continued to have a role to play. 

“There were key areas of need that weren’t being fulfilled against in traditional distribution and key areas of challenge,” he said. 

One of the consequences of working closely with start-ups is that the distributor vendor relationship is very close but Ethos has also found that it has developed a loyal base of partners: “The longer we work with resellers then the trusted we become”. 

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