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Remanufactured laptops ticking the green boxes

Resellers selling into customers keen to reduce electronic waste advised to consider the remanufactured option

Climate change is firmly on the agenda at the moment and the channel is being urged to look at the remanufactured option as a way of helping customers meet green goals.

The advantage of going for remanufactured is that it can tick a lot of the boxes around reducing electronic waste, can be delivered through a carbon neutral process and gives users the chance to extend the life of laptops by an additional three years.

Circular Computing has invested over €5m in a laptop remanufacturing facility taking ex-lease enterprise level products and breathing fresh life into the products.

The firm quoted figures of 160,000 laptops being disposed of every day in the EU with the potential for more than 70% of those to be reused, rather than dumped as more e-waste.

Circular has been building up a network of resellers to get the products under the noses of more customers and has added Procurri Europe to the fold.

Circular Computing CEO Rod Neale said that an increasing number of users were looking more closely at the environmental impact of their procurement strategies and Procurri would reach more of those prospects.

"This will allow us to further respond to growing customer demand for sustainable IT. Increasing numbers of UK businesses are adopting an environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach to their IT procurement," he said.

"This is already happening worldwide. Organisations realise that remanufactured IT saves them millions of dollars without compromising on performance. At the same time, they are helping reduce carbon emissions, preserve critical natural resources and eliminate the e-waste mountain,” he added.

Matt Jordan, CEO of Procurri Europe, said that the remanufactured  laptops offered a, "enterprise-grade alternative to buying new". 

Is green back on the agenda?

”There is a noticeable change with IT purchasing strategies to include sustainability within their buying matrix – this includes carbon neutrality. However, we have found that with the ever increasing and amplified noise in the sustainability field that often buyers are left not knowing where to turn for science based data in this regard, upon which they can make a decision – this is where Circular Computing comes in…….we demystify this subject," said Steve Haskew, strategic commercial manager of Circular Computing.

He added that there were real responsibilities in the IT industry to make changes if companies understood the need to monitor CO2 outputs, resource consumption and e-Waste.

"Sustainable IT is not a 'fashion/or topical' it is here to stay, we see change, and a new behaviour to consumption happening," he said.

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