Westcon rolls out technical support community

The distributor has reached out to those working in technical roles in the channel

The issue of skills is an ongoing one in the channel and whenever a vendor or distributor makes training available there is usually a strong take up.

Westcon will be expecting the same with its Tech Xpert Community, which is a chance for resellers to put their technical staff through training.

The distributor has made a couple of commitments from the start to make it clear that it won’t use the free to join community to hard sell to partners and it will be vendor agnostic.

Westcon’s pre sales architects will be leading the efforts and plans are for on and offline events to help partners get access to training and develop deeper contacts in the technical community.

“There is a lot of pressure on partners to deliver ever greater value to customers in a more technologically complex world,” said Mike Cox, Westcon vendor and alliances director.

“By sharing experiences and building relationships with technical peers, the Tech Xpert Community gives individuals the opportunity to learn from each other and deepen their understanding of technologies.  Ultimately everyone will be able to design and build better solutions at the crucial pre-sales stage and deliver greater customer value,” added Cox.

“One thing is sacrosanct, no sales or marketing allowed. It is created by technical people, for technical people and all about sharing and learning together,” he concluded.

Westcon’s Tech Xpert Community is open to all partner system engineers, technical support and pre-sales staff with registration via the distributor’s website.

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