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HPE adds more personal options to Cloud28+ platform

The vendor is increasing the depth of customisation available to channel partners looking to promote their own brands and services on Cloud28+

HPE is giving partners the chance to increase their own brand presence on its Cloud28+ platform as it continues to work with the developer community.

The vendor has launched member spotlight pages on its cloud platform giving partners the opportunity to promote their own brand and services to users.

The Cloud28+ platform has been going for almost three years and was always designed as a way of bringing on board more partners that could swell out the services with their own offerings.

The vendor is encouraging channel partners to work with ISVs to make sure they are not just offering a me-too IaaS pitch but have the option to add more value added services.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a partnership-first business. The new Cloud28+ spotlight pages demonstrate this, by offering partners new routes to market and increased visibility,” said Xavier Poisson, Vice President, Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“Cloud28+ has always been focused on creating a rich and collaborative ecosystem, and now we’re further extending that benefit to partners by giving them a chance to do the same with customers under their own banners," he added.

The member pages can be tailored to individual partner needs with data analytics available so it will give them the chance to run campaigns and chart the success of their efforts.

The vendor has opted for a subscription model, which gives partners the option to build their personalised pages in a modular way in order to cater for specific requirements, projects, users and verticals such as health, education and finance.

HPE also indicated that this enhancement would be followed by more activity soon designed to improve the management tools, analytics and social media integrations.

Cloud28+ launched in December 2015 and from the start had support from 150 partners with a total of 680 services available on the platform. More than 1,000 customers had pre-registered to take the catalogue on from the moment it was live.

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